Desktop Application License

Panopset desktop software is currently free, for anyone who can't afford it, and open source, under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007 license, slightly modified with two provisions related to the Blackjack module.

If you and/or your business is doing fine, it is $25.00 per year. Proof of payment is the license.

Limited offer: $100.00 for a lifetime license, per user. The first 1,000 who pay for a special permanent license, also get a numbered signed certificate that they'll want to save in case Panopset ever goes public, or is sold.

Privacy Policy

While using the tools available on this site, information that you enter into fields is 100% transmitted through letsencrypt secured https, and processed in server memory solely for the purpose of your immediate data processing cycle. That information is not stored anywhere. When using Panopset desktop applications, nothing is transmitted outbound behind the scenes, except a request for version information, from the server to your application, so that it may flag you if you need an upgrade. All other Panopset desktop software processing is done using web traffic and files that you select, and in local RAM. All of this is open source, allowing for easy verification.


See the Panopset source code, for documentation of active Panopset projects.


Panopset is privately held, has never had debt, and operates on a sustainable cost model.


US Flag  No overseas accounts, nothing under the table, and no creative accounting. Panopset is proud to always pay our fair share of taxes.