Using the open source code, you may build a platform installer, an all-in-one jar, or run it directly from an IDE.

If you don't want to build your own, the installers are also available on the downloads page.

All-in one jar

The build script will also place panopset.jar in your home directory. To run the apps directly from your system java command, include panopset.jar in your classpath, and specify the application class you wish to run:

java -jar cp ~/panopset.jar checksum
java -jar cp ~/panopset.jar scrambler
java -jar cp ~/panopset.jar lowerclass
java -jar cp ~/panopset.jar flywheel
java -jar cp ~/panopset.jar skyscraper
java -jar cp ~/panopset.jar blackjack

or Flywheel on a script like this:

java -jar cp ~/panopset.jar fw myScript.txt
Substitute "~/" with "%USERPROFILE%" above, for Windows.

terms of use

For terms of use, please see the License page.