platform installers

If you do not see an installer for your platform, you may build it from scratch.

PlatformBytesDownload Version SHA-256
linux 56,679,832 panopset_1.2.4-1_amd64.deb 1.2.4
mac 74,850,456 panopset-1.2.4.dmg 1.2.4
win 65,789,046 panopset-1.2.4.msi 1.2.4


help->about, from any Panopset JavaFX application will give you the version. To display the panopset.jar version, from the command line:


Panopset desktop applications are open source. You have a variety of ways to install and use them. Download a pre-built installer, or build your own installer. Download the panopset.jar all-in one jar for your platform, or build your own. Download the source and use it in your own maven or gradle project, it doesn't matter. Whatever way to launch, that best suits your needs, is the right way.

all-in-one jar

panopset.jar downloads are available for these platforms:

PlatformBytesDownload Version SHA-256
linux 55,071,345 panopset.jar 1.2.4
mac 49,198,653 panopset.jar 1.2.4
win 47,364,720 panopset.jar 1.2.4

If the SHA-256 doesn't match, it could be due to an update in progress. Wait 5-10 minutes, refresh, and compare again.

terms of use

For terms of use, please see the Desktop Application License section at the top of the About page.