Desktop Applications

Panopset desktop applications (listed on the Panopset home page) may be run in as many ways that exist, to run Java applications. They may be run...

As a desktop application.

This is the best way, for most people. You may either...

As a Java jar call.

Since Java 9 jigsaw, utilizing all-in-one jars started to become obsolete. At Panopset, your way is the right way, so Panopset still publishes panopset.jar, on the download page underneath the platform installer links. You may also build it for your personal computer, using the same build script as you would for building a desktop applications installer. If you put panopset.jar in your home directory, you may launch any of the Panopset desktop applications by setting the classpath to panopset.jar in your home directory. For example, for flywheel, it would be:

java -cp ~/panopset.jar flywheel

As a maven/gradle dependency.

git clone
cd src/shoring
mvn install

The above instructions will place all the Panopset maven projects in your local repository, making them available to your maven and/or gradle projects. Panopset has not published its artifacts to a standard repository yet, as there just hasn't been a compelling reason to do so.

As any other kind of Java dependency.

Since it is open source, you can do almost anything you like with it except...

See the Panopset license for details.