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There is a 2 dollar Android version on Google Play. Why isn't it free and open source, like everything else on The Blackjack engine, which drives both the desktop and android front ends, is open source. The android front end is closed source and costs two dollars. There are no socially redeeming qualities to Blackjack. there is no possible benefit to the world to make it freely available. If you want to waste your time playing Blackjack, like I have done, then you'll get your two dollars back the first time you don't make a wrong decision based on your practice using the app. It is never going to be free.

I wrote Panopset Blackjack because none of the simulators I could find had a fast deal feature. When practicing the basic strategy, I don't care about the outcome of the hand, just whether or not I made the correct decision.

It is entirely your responsibility to independently verify its accuracy.

The only claim made about this game is that it will only lead you to ruin, whether or not it has any bugs.

That said, a link to Gamblers Anonymous should serve to provide a far better disclaimer, than the poor words of an old gambler.