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Panopset desktop java applications are contained in a per-platform jar, panopset.jar, available on the download page. At least Java 11 is required for running panopset.jar applications.

Windows Users

It is recommended that you turn off system sounds. JavaFX menu shortcuts are tied to the alt key, which on Windows beeps at you. This is an operating system thing, commonly dealt with by turning off the system beeps.


Panopset droid applications are available on Google Play. The current minimum Android version is 5.0, Lollipop, API level 21.2, which represents well over 90% of devices.

Privacy Policy

This site contains Google analytics javascript, which collects information about your location and browser and whatever else they do.

Here is a link to the Google privacy policy.

While using the tools available on this site, information that you enter into fields is 100% transmitted through letsencrypt secured https, and processed in server memory solely for the purpose of your immediate data processing cycle. That information is not stored anywhere. When using panopset.jar, the only thing that is transmitted is current software version information, from the server to your application, so that it may flag you if you need an upgrade. All other Panopset desktop software processing is done using files that you select, and in local RAM. All of this is open source, allowing for easy verification.

Panopset Android applications also fall under Google's privacy policy, and don't transmit any information to Panopset.

Other than whatever Google is up to with the services noted above, we don't store your data, period.

Desktop Application License

Terms of use for panopset.jar are as follows:

Individual, non-profit, educational, trying it out, and struggling business* use is free of charge.

If your business is doing fine, it is $25.00 per year, per user. Proof of payment is the license.

* I'm pretty loose with the definition of a struggling business except that if your highest paid worker is making more than a hundred times your least compensated worker, then your business is not struggling for the purposes of these terms.


Panopset is privately held, has never had debt, and has revenue ranging from nothing to a couple thousand one year. Capable of operating on as little as 6 dollars per month, which is the cost of the digitalocean server hosting


US Flag  No overseas accounts, nothing under the table, and no creative accounting. Panopset is proud to always pay our fair share of taxes.

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