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panopset.jar downloads are available for these platforms:


user home, as defined by your operating system.



panopset.jar is open source, so you may build it from scratch.


You don't need to check out each of these projects individually, there is a script in panopset-jar that will do that for you.

parentMaven parent.
compatGeneral utility classes, some droid compatible.
engine21Blackjack engine. Note that there are a couple of additional important license provisions for this project.
flywheelTemplate processing.
lowerclassJava class, jar, and maven repository version reports.
fxappJavaFX desktop application framework. You may use this to build your own custom JavaFX desktop applications.
deskPanopset desktop applications.
panopset-jarpanopset.jar builder. Contains the default package entry points. Here, user convenience comes before Java convention.

Terms of Use

For terms of use, please see the Desktop Application License section on the About page.